Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mom Talk #7: Why You Should be Nice

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Dearest Children of Mine,

In Mom Talk #6, we talked about attitude, and today I'd like to introduce you to attitude's best friend.   I think maybe you know my basic philosophy of life can be summed up by Thumper.

 Just be nice.  Let me take a moment to give you a few good reasons why.

It gets on you, too

We all know the magic of air freshener.  Imagine everything you do, everything you say, every gesture you make releases a fragrance into the air.  Being nice then, smells like baking pumpkin bread.  Or maybe ginger snaps.  The thing is, whatever you're putting out into the air, you have to breathe, too.  Make it nice.  

Your own kindness can heal you

You know the Golden Rule of treating other people the way you want to be treated.  Certainly when you treat others with kindness, they benefit.  But being nice also has a boomerang affect that can heal your own hurts.  If you were the neglected child, extending kindness to a neglected child heals that hurt.  If you need kindness, give it to someone else and see for yourself.  It comes back to fill your own heart.

Nice is attractive

Well, yes, I mean it like that.  I also mean that being nice attracts nice.  We all need it, and when you are nice to people, they tend to be nice back.  And isn't that nice?

Next, we'll consider reflections.

for the introduction and index of the posts in this 31 Days series, click }here{
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