Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mom Talk #17: The Ones Who Need Grace the Most

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Dearest Children of Mine,

We talked about fighting fair }here{, and about apologies }here{.  Today I'd like to share some thoughts with you about grace.

More specifically, I'd like to talk with you about who needs grace the most.

Grace is a lovely word that means lovely things.  According to Webster: elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion or action; a pleasing or attractive quality of endowment; favor or goodwill; mercy clemency, pardon. 

Theologically speaking, grace is freely given and unmerited favor and love from God, extended to us.

One of the greatest examples of grace I have ever witnessed occurred in a very public arena.  Someone spoke - very publicly - mean, hurtful, unkind and ungenerous words.  I was stunned and horrified.  I couldn't think how I would handle the situation had the words been directed at me or my family.  And as my ears began ringing with the silence that fell down heavy upon us, the astounding message of grace was spoken just as publicly as the unkind words had been.  Not from leadership ... but from the very person who had justifiable  reason to be deeply hurt and offended.   The message included an appeal not to judge, an appeal to extend love, an appeal to let the milk of grace pour deep into the cracks between those involved, and an appeal to close the episode with finality.  This grace made an appeal to love the unlovely and to forgive the unforgivable.  It was assuredly undeserved, and assuredly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. 

There will be days when you are the recipient of unkindness.  There will be days when, through no fault of your own, someone else has a terrible day.   There will be times when - wrongly - people take out on you their own lacks.  People will fail you, disappoint you, and hurt you deeply. 

Always, my first advice to you is to determine not to take things personally.  Develop a thick skin instead of choosing to take offense.  But most of all, I would have you remember this:

the people who deserve it the least are the ones who need grace the most.  
That's the nature of grace.  
Grace says, "I know the unlovely parts of you, but they are not the whole of you."  Grace says, "I know what you did, but you're still good with me."  Grace says, "I see that ugliness, but I choose to forgive you anyway." 

Don't wait for people to deserve grace ... none of us ever will.  

Tomorrow, we'll talk about assumptions ... sometimes they can be dangerous, but this one can bring you great freedom.  

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