Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Introduction to Mom Talks: A 31 Days Series

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1:  Grow Your Soul - a few thoughts on your spiritual life
2:  You Reset at 18 - about expectations for adults
3: What Turns You Into an Adult - the secret about becoming
4:  Get Over It - when you have to do hard things
5:  It Takes So Little to Be Above Average - a short list of things to set you apart
6:  Attitude is Everything - yep.  Everything.
7:  Why You Should Be Nice - three good reasons
8:  Reflections All Around You - about your affect on other people
9:  Things You Want Back - three qualities to project
10:  How to Get What You Want - it's surprisingly simple
11:  Beauty Fades - why it's important to acknowledge this truth
12:  Choose Someone You Can Work With - because life involves work
13: You Marry the Family, too - three questions to ask about family
14: Be Generous - it's great for your relationships
15:  Fight Fair - some rules for a fair fight
16:  Apologize - how to give and receive an apology well
17:  The Ones Who Need Grace the Most - it helps to understand this
18:  This One is Safe to Assume - what you should always assume about people
19: The Power of Whatever - the mental shorthand of words
20:  Clean Your Windshield - about dealing with things when they happen
21:  Write it Down - four reasons why you should journal
22:  The Company You Keep - a few words about choosing friends wisely
23:  Three Keys to Good Health - simple advice that works
24:  Say This, Not That - four things not to say and better alternatives
25:  Suit Up! - about what you wear to work
26:  How to Be On Time - some practical tips on punctuality
27:  Take Responsibility - why you should, even if you want to run the other way
28:  In Praise of Fezziwig - the importance of who you work for
29:  When You Feel Out of Control - four tips for when things get crazy
30:  Every Body Stinks - straight talk, no minced words
31:  The Last Mom Talk (just kidding) - closing the series with my most important
"wait, there's one more thing" things

I've given speeches to my kids so many times over the years - urgently ... those final instructions before we leave, the last word before we go in, the quick recap of all things good manners, 
the "oh, let me just say this one thing" - 
in hopes that going over it  one. more. time.  will ensure the best outcome.  

When your eldest turns 21, there's not a lot you can do to deny that the young adults are queuing on the launching pad, and short of doing it all over again, I long to make certain that they know for sure what's important, that they have all the information they need to make the right decisions, that I've passed along as much of what I understand of life's wisdom to them as I possibly can.  

Suddenly, I feel like the crazy woman chasing the train as it leaves the station, shouting,
"Wait!  Wait!  Sweetie, did you pack an extra pair of underwear?" 

By now, my kids call these speeches "Mom Talks", and the shorthand that's developed for them goes:
"Obey the teacher.  No running.  No hitting.  No kicking."
Then we laugh ... and I proceed with my speech.

These days, when it's time for a Mom Talk, sometimes I let the kids give the talk to me.
Inexplicably, they're usually able to deliver the appropriate points in about 15 seconds flat 
while it takes me at least 15 minutes to just warm up.  

I suspect Mom Talks will be one of those things they laugh about
when my children reminisce about growing up together.
As many times as I've given my Mom Talks, even so I wonder if my kids really know what I think.
Do they know what I hold to be most important, beyond a shadow of a doubt, in plain black and white?  
Have I truly conveyed to them the most important things?
Are they sure of what I believe?
Have I given them a firm enough foundation?

Just in case ... just. in. case  ... these dearest, most precious, wonderful young people
I've been privileged and blessed to call my own have missed something along the way,
I've put together a series of Mom Talks to participate in 
the 31 Days Series hosted by The Nester at write31days.  
Are you familiar with this annual October writing challenge?  
If not, click }here{ for an incredible resource 
of over a thousand amazing blog series to choose from and fabulous, inspiring writing.

And then ... would you please come back?
I'll be posting a Mom Talk every day during the month of October,
with topics ranging from spiritual foundation to life hacks to things only your mother will tell you,
and although my target audience is really my own fabulous four, 
you're so very welcome to come along.  
My hope is that if you're somewhere along the wild and wonderful trail of rearing children, 
you'll recognize a fellow traveler and walk alongside me a little ways 
to share some ideas and encouragement.
I'd love for you to join me!

Shared joy is doubled joy ... let's double the joy for both of us - what are you most grateful for today? Click below to leave your comment. I'll go first :

  1. Looking forward to following your posts for the upcoming 31 days! I have a teenager, so this will definitely be relevant for me!

    1. Hey Jessica! thank you ... I'm so glad you stopped by!