Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mom Talk #2: You Reset at 18

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Dearest Children of Mine,

You have been surpassingly awesome kids.  I don't delude myself in thinking that you're perfect - I think you know that :o)  But if God gave me the opportunity to personally select four children, and if He lined up every kid in the world for me to choose from, I would search the line for a million billion miles to pick each one of you out and call you mine.  In the last post, we talked about growing your soul.  Now let's talk about expectations 

It's pretty easy to identify the expectations placed upon you as a child.  You're expected to be polite, play nicely with others, get your chores done, and do your best in school.  

Here's what I want you to know that isn't really explained in all the hoopla on your 18th birthday:  your reputation as a "good kid" has an expiration date that diminishes with greater rapidity the older you get.  You can rest on those good kid laurels for a little while, but it won't last for long.  When you turn 18 and the world sees you as an adult, you reset and there's a new set of expectations for you.  

If you want to expedite the process of becoming an adult and getting the respect an adult commands and the privileges that accompany it, understanding what you're trying to live up to will help.  Here's a short list of adult expectations.  If you get these right, I'm pretty sure you can be guaranteed that you'll have a successful adult life out there in the great wide world.

Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility is what adults do.  Whether it's for breaking a dish, forgetting to get milk on the way home, or missing an important meeting.  You know what?  One very cool thing about being an adult is that although you do have to take responsibility for the things that go wrong (which, by the way, gives you the power to change or correct them) ... you also get to take responsibility for the things that go right.  Own it all, good and bad, and you'll have credibility as an adult.

Pull Your Weight

In every situation that you walk into, you're expected to pull your weight, whether it's contributing to the conversation in a relevant way, pitching in to clear the table after a meal, helping pick up the check at dinner or being an attitude leader on your team.  People may be gracious and tell you that you don't need to contribute, but be an adult and find a way anyway.  In every. single. situation. 

Get a Job

An adult brings in their own income.  You're expected to work. 

Manage Your Personal Space

Your personal space is every space you inhabit, be it a room, a house, a car or a couch.  Take responsibility for your personal space and keep it orderly.  Chaos is for kids.  Order is for adults.  

Get Along with Other People

You're going to have to work with, mingle with, be in class with, complete projects with, and stand in line with people you don't really care for.  Sorry about that.  Fact is, you're expected to get along and get your stuff done anyway.  

Work Your Plan

So ... what are you going to do in life?  The adults know that the 18 year old self and the 25 year old self may answer this question very differently.  Don't stress out about getting the one correct answer that applies to the entirety of your life.  One of the best things about life is that people do change.  Just have a plan for the version of you that's living in your shoes right now.  And don't play around and blow hot air about it ... make things happen and go for it with all the gusto you've got.   

Tomorrow we'll talk about that big moment ... the one you start to dream about from the first time you have to go to bed even though you haven't finished this level of Mega Man ... that moment when you become a REAL adult.  

for the introduction and index of the posts in this 31 Days series, click }here{
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