Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mom Talk #25: Suit Up!

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Dearest Children of Mine,

Yesterday I gave you some ideas about things to say and not to say.  Today, let's talk about your clothes.  We won't talk about all your clothes, just your work clothes, because they can make a difference in what people think about you, how people treat you, and how you feel about yourself in the workplace.

As you enter the workplace, note the environment and dress to fit in - if it's a corporate environment, you need to dress like a professional.  Dress one step up if you have aspirations to move up on the corporate ladder.  This will help others take you seriously, and help them envision you as someone who is promotable.

Not only will wearing professional attire help others take you more seriously, it will help you take yourself more seriously.  You know this is true.   Think about how you walk when you're wearing your PJs and slippers as opposed to when you're dressed in your very best, right down to the shoes.  See what I mean?

Does this go against your free spirit, "I've got to be me" style?  It did mine, too.  But think of it like this:  if you were going to play football with a professional football team, you would suit up with the pads and the uniform, wouldn't you?  Business attire is just suiting up - putting on the equipment and uniform appropriate to the game you're playing.

Whether you like it or not, it's a simple truth that we are judged by appearance.  The principle of first impressions is real, and you should use it to your advantage, if no where else but the workplace.

Now that we've talked about dressing for work, we'll next talk about getting to work.

for the introduction and index of the posts in this 31 Days series, click }here{
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