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One very fun, very inspiring event in the blogging community are blogging challenges.
The first time I ran across and read the multiple entries on a blogging challenge,
I was amazed and enthralled.
And also certain I didn't have it in me to do that.
But ... 
in October, The Nester at The Nesting Place blog offers a challenge to write a blog post every
 day for 31 days.  Just pick a subject and write about it every day in October.

I could see the challenge would be an opportunity to just do it 
and take the tedium and pressure out of trying to make everything just right.
And The Nester was so encouraging, and her "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" attitude
made me believe I could do it.

And lo and behold ... I did.

My 31 Days series from 2012 
is about various things that have worked well for me in one area of life or another.

Many of them are things that I learn (or maybe half-learn), forget, relearn, and forget 
on a regular basis.
Or maybe even just know that I should learn ...

about living a life as a growing follower of Christ,
about family,
about homeschooling,
about managing my home,
about managing me ...

Below are links to the 31 Days series ... It Works for Me! ... I hope you find some things that work for you, too!

Links to the series:
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day 4: Imagery
day 5:  Grace
day 6: A Quick Spin
day 7: Church online
day 8: Homeschooling
day 9:  Zero Minus One
day 11: Journaling
day 15: Exercise
day 18:  Talk Back
day 19:  Taking Breaks
day 20:  A Place of Quiet
day 21:  Happy Hour
day 22:  Avoid Ironing
day 27:  Be Present 
day 30:  A Prayer Journal

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