Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Place of Quiet ... it works for me!

Welcome to Day 20 of the 31 Days Series It Works for Me!

While we’re out of town and not so connected to the webbernet, 
I’m reposting a post I wrote a while back about one of my favorite places that really works for me.

I never really had big plans for a dream home.  
In fact, I'm pretty sure the only thing I ever actually said I wanted was a tiny little room, just for me.

Once as my mom tried on dresses in a store, I sat in the fitting room next to hers and had a pleasant chat with my five-year-old selves in the three-sided mirror about how when I grew up, I would have a tiny room just like this, with a comfy chair where I could curl up with a good book.

I almost missed my chance ... when we built our house, the bazillion details took center stage:  lots of windows!  a paint color that glows!  the wonky angle of the house on the lot! ... but I happened to be reading Celebration of Discipline just before we finalized the floor plan and I was reminded of my little girl dream.  Celebration of Discipline isn't a book about building your dream house, but it is an excellent book about developing a deeper spiritual life.  In it, Richard Foster encourages setting aside a place in your home for prayer and quiet time. And as I looked again at the master bedroom on our floor plan and wondered how anyone could use a closet that big, I realized ... right there was the spot for my plenty o' quiet room.  I was so grateful to have remembered just in time.

I had to explain it to Lt. Dan.  He joked about putting a lock on the outside of the door, but was happy to put the room in the plans anyway.  I had to explain it to the builder.  He thought I was crazy but put the room in the plans anyway.  I had to explain it to the electrician.  He thought I was crazy, but put the plugs in anyway. I had to explain it to the closet people.  They thought I was crazy, but took the shelving down anyway.

When we moved in, I defended my space passionately from my own tendency to pile stuff behind closed doors when company is coming.  But eventually, with nothing in there, my little room filled up with framed pictures stacked against the wall, good will donations, unpacked boxes and a broken dining chair. 


And then ... for Mother's Day, my sweet husband and kids surprised me.  
Not only did they give me a reading chair and lamp, 
they cleaned out my closet.   

Oh ... happy ... day!!

I made a memo board from an old mirror...

 added a shelf from Ikea ...

and got this cute little footstool (also from Ikea) that serves as a table ...

Now I'm glad the electrician put a plug half way up the wall even though the light switch was supposed to go there.  It's the perfect place for a Scentsy Plug-In that gives the softest light and wonderful aromas.

I usually start my day here, and sometimes I slip in with my Kindle or my laptop at lunch, or any time I  want a little piece of quiet.  It may look like just a closet on the floor plan, 

but for me it's a dream come true!

You may call it a Mom Cave ... a sanctuary … whatever ... really just a little closet.  
It’s my quiet place.  I’m pretty sure just opening the door lowers my blood pressure. 
  I highly recommend making a special place for yourself, 
no matter how small … it works for me!

Shared joy is doubled joy ... let's double the joy for both of us - what are you most grateful for today? Click below to leave your comment. I'll go first :

  1. I love the mom cave! I have a corner of my own, for my books and rocking chair too. Weve always moved it to put the Christmas tree up and I was just thinking yesterday that the tree is going have to go somewhere else because I NEED my little corner!

  2. Nice. I need that closet, too!!

    1. every mom deserves her plenty o' quiet place, that's for sure!