Saturday, October 27, 2012

Consider yourself ... it works for me!

Welcome to Day 26 of the 31 Days series It Works for Me!

Growing up, I was always subconsciously amazed at how my mom kept our house 
- my room excluded - 
reasonably orderly all the time.  She had serious cleaning days for deep cleaning now and again, but the day to day keeping things picked up just seemed to happen without a whole lot of effort.

I remember being at my friend's house and marveling at how orderly and neat her older sister's room always was.  I remember well the afternoon I asked her, 
"How do you keep your room always so clean?" 
And she said, 
"I can't stand it if it's messy."  

Just like that.  Can't stand the mess ... so ... keep it clean.

Rocket science.  


Keeping things neat and tidy didn't come naturally to me.  But over the years (maybe as I've matured - ha!) I've figured out that I really can't stand the mess either.  

So since keeping things tidy doesn't come natural, there's a little trick I've learned 
that kind of helps me keep things picked up.  

It's kind of kooky.  

But then, I've already admitted a certain amount of kooky here ... it works for me :o)

Anyway, here's what I do:

When I'm ready to walk out of a room, I look back and think how walking back in next time will make me feel.  This is why I always make my bed ... walking in to my room with a messy unmade bed feels yuck to me ... 

so as a favor to the future me, I make it.  

Sometimes I even remember to thank myself.  
It's kind of like doing unto myself as I would have myself do unto me.  
Or something like that.

Told ya ... kooky.  But it works for me! 

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  1. I use to have serious OCD about how clean my house was. Once a week I would spend a few hours bleaching everything down that anyone had touched. Not sure if this came from have 2 little boys that were constantly dirty,stinky, and sneezy or if it was a momentary lapse of reason. Thankfully I overcame that craziness.

    1. there's definitely something to be said for bleach to combat the debris of growing boys!

  2. Love the *do unto me...* statement!! I totally get it :)

  3. LOL ... when i remember that the Golden Rule also applies to me ... i'm generally able to apply it to others more graciously ... makes everyone happier :o)

  4. It's not kooky! It's brilliant!!

    And now I've got that song from Oliver running through my brain. Do you know it?

    ". . . and after some consideration we can say
    Consider yourself. . .
    One of us!"

    1. i DO know that song! i think the world would be a much better place if we spontaneously broke into song like they do in musicals ... my children, for some strange reason, think that's a terrible idea :o)

  5. Love it! I'm going to implement this, too. If I don't make my bed in the morning, I make it before I get in. Silly, right? Why not do it first thing? Thanks for visiting my blog today. :-)

    1. that made me laugh ... but i understand wanting to get the covers all straightened out before spending the night between them!