Monday, October 8, 2012

Homeschooling ... it works for me!

Welcome to Day 8 of the 31 Days Series It Works for Me!

I'm not sure how exactly we ended up homeschooling.  
I always thought homeschooling was weird.  
I don't remember agonizing over it.
I don't remember a big decision day.

It was just time to send my first child off to school, and that was just unimaginable.
So, we homeschooled.

In the early years, I had three grand reasons for homeschooling.

1)  I always wanted to be a teacher.  

Well, except for those four years of college, which by all indications would have you think that I wanted to go into advertising.  That was all because in my freshman year, Mary from across the hall also didn't know what she wanted to major in ... and picked Advertising.  So ... I picked Advertising!)  

Oh, and, except for the nearly ten years working for an airline.
That was all because of the grand idea of European travel.  

Anyway ... 
 I always wanted to be a teacher.  
So who better to teach than my very favorite people in the world, my own children?

2)  Homeschooling offers a very low student to teacher ratio, 
which affords individualized curriculum and attention.

3)   I liked the idea of having learning constantly on site, 
and what that would mean for our family.

Now ... as we start our fourteenth year of homeschooling, 
there's only one reason we do it.

It's relationship.

I have friendships with my children that could never have been forged otherwise.  And they have very close friendships with each other.  A quality education is so important.  
But the relationships I've built with my children?  
They're priceless.

Homeschooling ... it works for me!

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    1. i knoooooow ... where have the little guys gone???

  2. Yay A Beka flash cards!! (we use A Beka)
    And Yay for homeschooling!!

    1. I had the hardest time giving those flash cute cards up ... I love those early learning years!