Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Quick Spin ... it works for me!

Welcome to Day 6 of the 31 Days Series It Works for Me!

When my children were very small, I found that the days went much better if we all knew what to expect next, so we kept to a basic schedule.  I made a daily schedule chart, but I used pictures so that the kids could "read" it themselves.  It was very empowering, they loved it!

I also needed some fun ways to put things so that everything didn't sound like work. You know how it is when the children are small ... those moments when you look around and nothing is in it's place and you think "I have got to clean up this house!!"  For us, there were lots of those moments.  So, I told the kids to pretend they were little tornadoes, spinning around the room, and everywhere they went they were putting things away in the right place.  

The imagery sort of breaks down there since tornadoes are forces of destruction, but we were really focusing on moving around the room quick!  Somehow, referring to what was many times a pretty big job with a fun term just made it easier.

Plus, it was much cuter to use a cartoony little picture of a tornado 
on our schedule than say, a mop and bucket.  

We still use the term "spin" to this day ... and the psychology of calling it a spin as opposed to "cleaning up the house" does its magic on me, too.

A quick spin ... it works for me!

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