Monday, October 1, 2012

An Organized Grocery List ... it works for me!

Welcome to Day One of the 31 Days series It Works For Me!  

I've read that the more you're at the grocery store, the more you spend ... is that true for you?  It's certainly true for me!  When we moved to the country, there wasn't a grocery store in our little town, and running to the store for milk wasn't even an option.  So for me, an organized grocery list wasn't only a money saver, it was a necessity. 

I remember looking at my mom's grocery list and asking her why it was scattered all over the page.  
"Oh," she said, "I write the items down according to where they are in the store."  
She organized her list in the order in which she would find the items 
as she went down the grocery store aisles.

That was the moment I realized there's an art to this home making thing.

Making my list Mom's way means not running willy-nilly all over the store, having forgotten to pick up the sugar when I was on the baking aisle.  
Backtracking in the grocery store is like nails on chalkboard for me, I do not know why.  

I use a steno pad for my grocery lists.  It's small enough to be easily portable, but substantial enough that I won't lose it (or we hope so).  On the left side is my menu plan for the week, 
and on the right side is my grocery list.  That way I know what ingredients I need to put on the list for the things we'll be eating this week. 

I also have a master list that I refer to as I make my shopping list.  
That way I don't forget things (or so we hope).

My master list includes details like the size of the printer pen and the air conditioner filter, and what kind of candy each kiddo likes.  I have on occasion referred to this list as my brain.  

I use the steno book week after week, and sometimes that's handy while I'm at the store.  If I wonder if we have something, generally I can go back and see how many weeks ago I bought it. Or, if something's on the list but I'm not able to get it at the store this week, I circle it so I know we still need to get it.

 Because I keep the backlists, I also know if we've had the same five meals every week since February :o) 

Today is grocery shopping day ... I'm heading into the city for provisions ... 
so I can transform my list into this ...

I know an organized grocery list isn't exactly rocket science ... but it works for me!

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  1. Smart~~~since we moved to Green Acres, I have started putting a notepad out on Monday evening. Grocery day can either be Thur or Fri. Everyone in the house now knows to put what they need on the pad or must wait a whole additional week (mom where is my body wash? sorry wasn't on the list). Groceries on the left, bath,laundry, etc on the right please. Some stuff is a, popcorn chicken, the usual stuff to keep teenagers alive :)

  2. ah, i like that, making them responsible for noting the need ... although bodywash for a teenager might soon become a need for ME!