Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Days of Seeking Joy in the EveryDay: Come Away with Me

One of my most favorite, favorite memories is of the Christmas I got a puppy.  
Our whole extended family gathered at my aunt's house
 - a beautiful tudor style home worthy of a Better Homes and Gardens feature (which she declined ... ?!) - 
it was the perfect holiday.  
There were aunts and uncles and cousins everywhere.

When I had opened my gifts, I sat surrounded by the generous bounty and felt so happy and content.  
Then I watched my dad walk down the hall toward me with an old fashioned pet carrier.  
He put it down in front of me, opened the door, and out wiggled the cutest little puppy,
 the color of coffee with lots of cream and big brown eyes.  
His name was Chipper.

It was one of those sweet moments in life where everything was absolute perfection.  
It could have been a movie.

So, so, so happy :o)

Here's a video to spark a little joy in your heart today ... the dog reminded me a little bit of Chipper. 
 I'm not affiliated with the organizations or suggesting a donation ... 
just watch it to the end and feel the happy.  

“Joy is to fun what the deep sea is to a puddle. 
It’s a feeling inside that can hardly be contained.” 
Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

Shared joy is doubled joy ... let's double the joy for both of us - what are you most grateful for today? Click below to leave your comment. I'll go first :

  1. She does look like Chipper! And the dog at the beginning and end licking the glass looks like Peanut. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. oh, Peanut! hadn't thought of him forever! it's a memory lane walk :o)