Thursday, April 3, 2014

Preparing for a Party of 1000 ...

Not me ... I'm not preparing for a party of 1000.  
This daunting task is performed annually by the Texas Christian Homeschool Prom,
a non-profit organization headed by an energetic Board of Directors 
and fueled by volunteer efforts of homeschool parents all over Texas.

I've talked about our own family's participation and preparation for this event
 }here{ and also }here{

Saturday was our day to contribute on a Parent Workday.
Because who can pull off a huge party like this without lots of help?
We learned what it takes on a very small scale last summer.
It takes vision, lots of coordination, organization, boatloads of grace 
and a million other things I'm certain I cannot begin to comprehend or appreciate.

But let me tell you about the very small glimpses I've seen of this amazing operation,
 because it is truly that:  amazing.
The outcome?  Oh, certainly, it's amazing.
But I'm truly amazed at the working of the entity that creates the event.
Truly.  Amazed.

The parents of each student who participates are required to contribute 4 work hours 
toward prom preparation, setup, hosting/chaperoning, or teardown.
Workdays are efficiently organized, and parents sign up for various tasks, 
including painting, set construction, sewing, or "just tell me what to do".

This year's prom theme is The Journey, and promises to highlight the literary works of authors such as 
J.R.R. Tolkien, J.M. Barrie, Orson Scott Card, Lewis Carroll, 
Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Robert Lewis Stevenson and several others.

The sets are amazing.

LtDan and I completed our workday requirement Saturday.
We arrived and were directed to the backyard to find the paint crew.
They gave us the general idea, and let us take up the task and pretty much do it as we saw fit.

We had the privilege to work on the set of the Swiss Family Robinson home.
If you need someone to help you paint walls so they look as though they were made
from weathered ship planks, call me.

While we were helping on the Swiss Family Robinson set, there were people painting huge backdrops, 
cutting wood and building sets and props, putting together set components out of pipe (or so it appeared)
-and that's just the activity I saw going on outside.
There was a whole crew of parents working inside the house as well.

When we came home, there were lovely prom invitations that had come in the mail for Abbie and Ben.
Every detail is covered to give the kids a fantastical experience, 
from dance lessons to specific but gracious details on dress code and conduct
 and everything you could wish for in between.

It was fun to work on a very small piece of something SO BIG, 
and to know that so many great kids will have a wonderful evening of magical fun.

Now that we have a dress Plan A and Plan B, 
we can enjoy the countdown :o)

I'm not affiliated with the Texas Christian Homeschool Prom organization,
I just think it's a wonderful thing!
You can visit their website }here{

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