Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Abbie & Ben in Wonderland

If I told you Abbie asked me "when's the next prom?" the day after prom,
would it be good indication that it was a successful evening?

We wondered:  would the dress we ordered on the internet arrive in time?
It did.

We didn't even need the dress from Plan B.  

We wondered:  would the dress we ordered on the internet fit and look as lovely as we hoped?

It did.

We picked up some bling at Sam Moon ... oh, Sam Moon.  
You can make a shopper out of the worst notashopper.

I picked up  Ben's tuxedo for him, 
but there wasn't going to be time for him to go back to the store if we needed an alteration.  
We wondered:  would Ben's tuxedo fit properly?

It did.
He looked so handsome.

Boys have it so much easier than girls.
Order tuxedo.  Pick up tuxedo.  Return tuxedo.
Lucky guys.

We wondered:  would Abbie and Ben take themselves too seriously in all their finery?

They did not. 

They definitely did not.  

let's just say this event is OVER. THE. TOP. in all the best possible ways.

And fun ... there seemed to be lots of fun going on.

Outside the ballroom there were several sets in keeping with the theme, which highlighted great literature
favorites like The Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland, Swiss Family Robinson, Frankenstein, and Peter Pan.
Each set had its cast of characters.  They had appropriate costumes, naturally, and they stayed in character the entire evening.  Ben's favorite was one of the pirates, and Abbie's was Alice in Wonderland, 
with an honorable mention going to Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. 

We wondered:  could homeschoolers really boogie down?

They could.

The pictures taken by a number of roaming photographers were uploaded 
to the Texas Christian Homeschool Prom website before prom was even over.  
There were more than 4500 photos from the dance floor only!
Parents are strictly not allowed in the ballroom until the very end, unless they're chaperoning, in which case you wear a costume so as not to distract from and to properly join in on the fun.

We wondered:  would the dance lessons pay off?

They did.

We wondered:  could the entire evening go off perfectly when Ben accompanied Abbie to her first prom?

It could.

We need not have wondered.

image credits:  Ben, SweetEm, and the fabulous photography crew at the prom

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  1. What a wonderful, magical event! Thank you for sharing the photos. I have married into such a beautiful and loving family! <3

    1. aw, Jess, thank you! we are so happy to have you in this family!!

  2. Oh, just so wonderful! Sigh.. Thank you so much for sharing the evening's memories with me, Melissa. My senior son elected not to attend the prom, and I was sad when I learned he was passing on it. I am very glad Abbie and Ben enjoyed it so much. What a great brother! Beautiful pictures!

    1. oh, thank you, Cheri, it's my pleasure! Those too had a great time. Nate opted not to go last year - he had not even the slightest interest, and that made me sad, too … our boys are definitely on common ground there!