Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shopping for Prom in All the Wrong Places

Did you know there are proms for Homeschoolers?  
I sure didn't for the longest time.  I knew kids in our homeschool co-op attended one, 
but it just wasn't on my radar, nor was it on the radar for my oldest two, and that was fine by me.
But when Ben attended prom his senior year, I saw the whole thing in a different light.

It was, indeed, prom ... 
with the tuxedo rental and the pretty dresses and dancing and pictures ... 
but as with everything homeschool, there was a much different spin on it.  
It was well and actively chaperoned, with a modest dress code
and a music play list that was contemporary but wholesome, 
and there were even dance lessons prior to the event.  
The theme and decor were well thought out and beautiful.  
Rather than dates, most of the co-op kids attended as a group, 
and it was more a really fun dance party than an over-hyped culmination of all things high school.  
My son's only regret was that he waited until he was a senior to go, 
so I was happy that Abbie wanted to go this year as a freshman (this prom is for 9th-12th graders), 
and especially pleased that Ben was glad to accompany her.

[ Two unforeseen benefits of homeschooling
1.  brothers and sisters have genuine friendships and don't mind being seen together publicly
2.  age differences don't impose social limitations, i.e. it's okay to talk to a freshman :o)  ]

Just one problem:  
Abbie and I aren't really girly-girl shoppers ...
and well ... you kind of need a pretty dress for prom.

We looked online for ideas so we'd know when we found the one we wanted:

(image source for both dresses: here)

We made our date to go shopping.  
And we shopped. And we looked.  
And she tried on.
And we looked.
And she tried on.
And we looked.
And we got distracted.


We didn't come home with a prom dress.

But we certainly had a good time at the pet store.

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  1. no prom dress but did you take home a bunny? they sure are cute!

    1. Ha - no! But they were *so* sweet ... one of them would stand up to get you to pet it and then flop down so you could rub its belly :o)