Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Four Seasons

The winter decor was requesting its vacation.
The spring decor was clamoring to come out.  Clamoring, I tell you.  
Temps in the 70s ... the 80s ... and you know. 
You just know ... spring must come out.   

I took the tree off the porch a couple weeks ago, 
because a flocked tree on the porch and 75 degrees in the yard is just too in-congruent, even for me. 
With the balmy spring temperatures, I was really ready and a little impatient 
to put winter away and welcome the new season in.

I came close to judging myself like the pest control guy did
But then my sister said until you burn all your firewood, you can keep your winter decor out.  
That made me feel much better :o)  

I intended to make the switch last weekend, but we had some car shopping to do.  
Two in one week ... may it never happen again ... I'm so glad that's done!  

With temps making springlike leaps up into the 80s on Saturday, the time was right.  
Winter went back into boxes 

Always, always I am telling myself next year I will organize and pare down ... next.  year.
Until then, many many boxes labeled "WINTER" are going back to the shed,
and we brought out the spring boxes ... all two of them.  
Two total boxes of spring things.  
Which always leaves me feeling like "wait ... where's all my stuff?"

Spring is my least favorite season as far as decorating is concerned.  
I'm not much of a pastel lover.  
I take my cue from nature and use lots of rabbits, birds and flowers.

Let's take a moment for a quick blog trivia question. 
If the room pictured above is bright and glowing, what should Melissa be doing instead of taking pictures?
Click }here{ if you don't know the answer.
Just making sure that you're paying attention.
And feeling really thankful that LtDan loves to cook.

I got most of the spring things out by Saturday night, 
and as much as we enjoyed the winter decor, 
we all  appreciated that feeling of spaciousness that comes when you take the tree down.
Then: surprise!! 
Sunday came, temps plunged into the teens, and ice fell from the sky.
I'm so glad there was still firewood to burn, 
because nothing makes you enjoy the spring decor like sleet pelting the window and a fire in the fireplace.

Part of the reason I love to decorate for the seasons is because 
I've always longed to live somewhere there are four distinct seasons ... 
Just not all in one weekend :o)

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