Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tiding Over

I always wonder how massively creative DIYers manage to live in their houses 
and not be driven c.r.a.z.y. by all the projects that are on hold in their heads.

I tend to intimidate myself and can't get going until I've completed that master plan 
for all house projects to be completed in the next 25 years.
Or I get fixated on the big projects ... 
the ones that require trips to Home Depot in the truck, heavy lifting, lots of power tools, 
and looking at the house floor plan one more time to verify which walls are load bearing.

But sometimes a little project can be just as satisfying.
Or at least tide you over.
She does the big deal DIY things, but this one I thought I could handle.

I picked up these at a shopping trip to Ikea

to fill in a boring spot in the kitchen at the end of the kitchen counter:

It took me maybe 30 minutes to "install" ... 
It only involved putting four small screws into the end of the counter and putting the rail in place.  
Super easy.
Not expensive.

And a nice little change!
Maybe this will be the jumpstart I need to tackle some of the bigger things on my list.
Or maybe I should just go shopping at Ikea again :o)

Have you done any small projects to tide you over until you can get to the big stuff?

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