Thursday, January 30, 2014

Don't Judge

We had our quarterly pest control treatment last week.

Cody, our friendly pest control technician, made a point to tell me 
he'd be careful not to get the treatment on the Christmas decorations.  

He was totally judging.

Now it's true there's a tree on the front porch ...
but it isn't decorated for Christmas ... it's decorated for winter

Mr. Pest Control Cody doesn't understand how much I love the four seasons.
All four, and especially fall ...although I may have been swayed this year
by all the winter-time hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace.

Anyway, Cody doesn't know I decorate for each season ... 
December thru February: winter,
March thru May: spring
June thru August: summer
September thru November: fall.

Each season gets a quarter of the year ... three months to shine.

If you looked in our window, it being January - winter, if you will - you'd see this:

because every time I catch sparkly twinkly reflections like so ...

or come into the family room and see this ... 

it makes me happy.  
I've removed all the overtly Christmas things, and the tree just has a few red accents and lots of white lights,
like sparkly stars in the cold winter sky.

It helps me pretend that it looks like this outside:

Cody the Friendly Pest Control Technician won't be by again until spring.
He only shows up every three months.  
But I try not to judge him for it.

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