Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pretty Maids All in a Row

LtDan and I had a half hour to kill last Saturday, so we stopped in at a Calloway's Nursery.  
Oh my goodNESS there is no better place to go on a Saturday morning in spring.

Flowers and blooms were bursting out everywhere 
and I wanted to take every single one home with me.  

The smell in the covered greenhouse was absolutely out of this world. 

I've always tried to grow flowers from seed, because for some reason I must do it the hard way.
But I think maybe this year I'll just put in flowers that are already blooming.
I better hurry up though.

I most certainly do not have a green thumb, I just wish that I did,
and this time of year gets me every single time and I simply must plant flowers.

Spring inspires such hope, even I can convince myself this might be the year 
I keep things growing in spite of the relentless Texas sun.

The first year I planted Zinnias, I had the happiest garden all summer long 
and they became my favorite flowers.
I want a yard FULL of them.

Glorious, glorious, glorious, everywhere you look.

I wanted to pour myself a big cup of coffee and camp out on the porch.  

So what about you?  
Are you planting anything this year? 
How does your garden grow?

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  1. Gorgeous post! I love visiting a nursery!! I don't consider myself having a green thumb but I love planting and digging in the dirt! :) I especially love planting veggies... Learned so much last year. Had enough tomatoes to make 30 jars of salsa! Can't wait to get plantin'. Nice pics, friend!
    Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com

    1. 30 jars of homemade salsa?!?! that's a green thumb in my book ... YUM ... i wish you were my neighbor :o)