Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's your name?

photo by Tony Wayman ... image source }here{

The man called me 'Blessed One' when he said hello.

That's not something you hear every day. 
It took me aback

Blessed One.

It gave me pause.

I think he'd given some thought to encouraging other people with the names you call them by.

It was a gift, that.  The gift of snapping out of myself for a split second to see ...
oh yes - blessings, everywhere.  
My one and singular, not like anyone else's life:  blessed.  

It's been a crazy crazy week.  
I need lots of reminders to slow down and look around at this blessed life of mine.  
Even standing knee deep in the crazy, I can call myself Blessed One.  

Do you need a little lift in spirits?  Try it.  Call yourself Blessed One.  

My bet is you'll hear the ring of truth in it, same as me.  

Shared joy is doubled joy ... let's double the joy for both of us - what are you most grateful for today? Click below to leave your comment. I'll go first :

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