Sunday, January 8, 2012

{{ 12 in 12 }} ... Home Goals for 2012

We’ve lived in our house almost two years now.  Plenty of time to get our things settled in.  Plenty of time to fluff, fill and refine. Or ... in some cases, get our things settled in and then make a real big mess.  

I’m afraid I’ve been making more real big messes than refining. 

But there's contentment, too ... 

 In honor of the brand new year

... and confidently motivated by the fact that I've never done anything quite like this before ...

I’m aspiring to 12 projects in 2012 

January … the office.  

This is Lt.Dan’s office, but it's MY mess ... I tend to stick things in there when there seems like no where else to go.  Which is completely unfair, but Lt.Dan is longsuffering and compassionate in this regard.  The office is also a temporary stopping place for tools that should go in the barn, had the barn not blown down last March.  A new barn is in our future.  But in the meantime, the office needs storage, filing cabinets and a way to hide all those blasted cords.  And it needs things on the wall (this scares me).  And maybe curtains?  Oh dear …

February … filing and bills.  

Organization.  Cleaning out.  A better system.  This one goes hand in hand with the January goals for the office.  And is just in time for income tax season :o)

March … spring décor.  

I love changing the décor according to the seasons, but spring is my least favorite color palate.  It’s so … pastel.  Not that there's anything wrong with pastels ... they're just not me.  But I make my peace with spring by using lots of outdoor colors.

April … the shed.  

There’s a lot of junk stuff in there.  It’s where I keep the off-season décor.  I’ve always dreamed of nicely labeled matching boxes lined up neatly on categorized shelves.  But in any case, a big clean out and organization is in order.  And the door needs to be repaired.

May … the master bedroom closet.  

I know ... I KNOW!  It's a mess --- I really must  get in there and get things organized!  Wait - what?  You saw this on Pinterest too?  All right, I was going to post a real picture of our closet, but it was just too demeaning.  Again, I admit - I’m the messy one.  If it were Lt.Dan’s closet by himself, it would be neat.  I’m sorry.  I’ll fix it. In May.

June … Summer décor. 

I really put up with summer décor because I have to get through summer to make it to fall :o)  Not really.  I'm kidding!  Mostly.

July … the Game Room.  

All the gaming equipment.  And the old VHS tapes.  And empty CD cases.  And a really cool end table that desperately needs to be refinished or painted or something.  Eventually, there'll also be a pool table in there, but until then, the GameRoom is also the SchoolRoom.  (Of course that's not a conflict of interests - why do you ask?)  We've homeschooled for 13 years now.  My youngest is in sixth grade.  And I still can’t let go of the first grade material.  So there’s lots to clean out and reorg in there.  

August … Vacation.  This is a project, right? 

September … Fall décor!  

What I've been waiting for all year!!!

October … the under the stairs closet.  

Is there any really good use for this space?  How  exactly can it be used efficiently??

November … the Master Bedroom. 

This is an inspiration picture.  We’ve been married twenty-three years, and our bedroom still looks like early marriage.  Our bedroom door opens right into the hall of the kitchen, dining, and family room.  So invariably people see it.  It’s time to make it pretty. 

December … full circle! I'll put up the winter décor and do our Christmas Card.

And I would love to:

  • Make a chalk board
  • figure out what to put on the wall down the hall(s) ... how I would love to explore stencils!
  • put picture ledges in the TV room
  • put lights over the bar in the kitchen
  • camouflage the thermostat in the hall
  • paint the inside of the front and back doors black (no reference to the Rolling Stones intended ;o)

There you have it.  I won't be upping my budget just because there are projects, so there's opportunity a plenty for creativity, Good Will hunting and learning to use CraigsList :o)  Quite honestly, I'm wondering if I should go ahead and write an apology to my 2013 self now, saying my sorries for publicly stating such a lofty list of goals.

             ... I can do this
                                        ...  right?                  

I'm linking up with the Nester 2012 Home Goals party!

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  1. It's going to be great...Can't wait to see your pics along the way.

  2. Oh I will be checking back in to see what you do. I am planning to do my master bedroom also. We've been married 20 years and ours still has that just married look. We also homeschool and that cetainly takes a lot of time. BTW my youngest in the 6th grade too. How funny. Isn't is great to "meet" people via blogs who's lives are in similar seasons? Can't wait to see your progress.

  3. You are so ambitious, but you can totally do it! I'll be on the lookout for under the stairs inspiration pics for you! I'm sure you can turn it into something fabulous!