Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fun for the Whole Family: Family Surfing Night!

We're a family full of electronics.  Screens, screens EVERYWHERE. 
TVs, Wiis, laptops, Xboxes, cell phones, kindles, etc. etc. etc.  

So in an effort to be interactive (wink wink), we've inaugurated 

Here's how it goes:

we gather in the family room with our laptops.  

we surf the web for 30 minutes.

at the end of 30 minutes, everyone shows the best/funniest/favorite thing they found while surfing the webbernets and we vote for the best one.

The WINNER is the much envied recipient of this:

"which shall be displayed in a prominent place with the winner's name affixed until the next Family Surfing Night."  Or ... it'll be posted on the refrigerator for all to see :o)

And so, without further adieu ...  in order of appearance, are this evening's offerings:

From Lt.Dan ... we started with this one because it isn't funny.  But it's hugely impactful, and will change your day. You'll be teary by the end, it's that good.

From Aaron ... honestly, I didn't get this one ... but Aaron is a HUGE fan of MineCraft, and this is a spoof on it ... the kids all thought it was funny :o)

From Ben ... a totally awesome montage of inspirational speeches from 40 movies in 2 minutes:

From Melissa ... just a picture.  That made me laugh.  I don't really know why:

From Abbie ... this one is just plain CUTE:

From Nathan ... you'll be like whoa!  and then like whoa!  and then like ... WHOA!

and the winner is:

I think victory was mine purely because of a sympathy vote.  They couldn't believe I would offer this up against such intense competition.  Lt.Dan thought it especially amusing that I thought it was funny but didn't really understand it.  Is it a deer?  Is it a llama?  I don't know ... but I guess we'll find out ... TONIGHT!  It just made me laugh.  Whatever.  I'm going to polish my trophy.   Try not to hate.

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  1. YES! The demon Llama won the day! It was hilarious to watch Melissa try to explain why she thought it was funny. It was performance humor!

  2. That's such a brilliant idea - a great way to use internet time to connect! And I think your entry was very deserving of the win!