Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End of It



I’m not DONE!  

I go shopping for flip-flops in August.  I am disappointed in May when the spring decorations are long gone.  I get frustrated with the picked over Christmas décor on December 10.  I leave my autumn decor up until after Thanksgiving.  

I finally got our Christmas cards done and mailed on December 30th.  

I can tell one of the benefits of blogging might be an urge to be a little more … ummmm … current  :o)

But please, give me just one more chance to savor Christmas  … 

 (Would you please look at Blanca?  I think she was a super model in a past life.  We did not put her there.  We did not invite her into this picture.  And yet somehow she managed to find front and center and strike a pose.  My own children are rarely so cooperative about having their picture taken.  Ever.)

We no longer have little guys to wake us up pre-dawn on Christmas morning.  In fact, we had to roust some teenagers from their visions of dancing sugar-plums this year.  But we didn't have to tell them what to do once they were no longer snug in their beds.  

One laptop, Halo Lego set, Portal companion cube, game recorder, Zune, tri-guitar stand and two hefty gift certificates later, there were no more neatly wrapped gifts under the tree.

But there was joy aplenty in the room.  

and more than a little goofiness.

My little girl is in constant motion.  She is never still.  Usually my attempts at getting a picture of her are blurry.  But I love this Christmas morning picture.  It captures the joy.  This was the best kind of joy ... for someone else.  

One of my favorite gifts is like a lava lamp, but for Christmas.  It churns.  And sparkles.  And mesmerizes.  Thank you, Dad :o)

My sister gave me this ornament ... see what she did there?  Thank you, Sandy :o)

The one thing I meant to put on my wish list but forgot to mention to ANYONE ... was a nativity.  Some people just know.  Thank you, Carol :o)

And the finale ... the long debated, much skepticized (by me) Kindle.  Which has re-kindled my passion for actual reading (I'm a recorded books fan).  I didn't think I could possibly cozy up to an e-reader, but I was smitten after about five minutes.  Thank you, Lt.Dan :o)

 I may just sneak in one more viewing of A Christmas Carol before I consider this holiday season over.  
I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year ... God bless Us, Every One!

Shared joy is doubled joy ... let's double the joy for both of us - what are you most grateful for today? Click below to leave your comment. I'll go first :

  1. Love it! SSOoooo..I have to ask...were your "Christmas" cards "New Year's Cards"? I promise every year I'm going to do Valentine's Day cards but each year I'm just so SURE I will get them out in time so I order Christmas bad to admit I STILL have over half of them & recently found a whole stack from {whisper} LAST year!?!

    Great pictures.

  2. my cards were “Merry Week Between Christmas and New Years” cards … ha! but if we’re ever at a party together, please come sit by me, and we can mourn our unsent cards from years gone by … or trade Valentines ;o)

  3. Hi Melissa... I'm so glad you found my blog again! Your sweet comment made my day! I needed it after just receiving a rather harsh critique of my blog :) I'm so thin-skinned!

    Looks like you had a great Christmas with your family! I'm happy to meet a fellow blogger who doesn't have Christmas decorations up in October :)

  4. It's a Jolly Holiday with you girl! Don't let anyone change how you do Christmas and decorating and all that fun stuff.