Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Christmas Card

My sister Karol was an artist.
She created wonderfully whimsical art and beautiful calligraphy. One of my very favorite things she did was this Christmas card.

I love the list of all the cozy and wonderful things of the Christmas season.

My parents received tons of Christmas cards every year. My favorite ones were always the photo cards.

Years ago when I created a Christmas Card for my own family, I was looking for something we could repeat each year, and it was Karol’s wishlist card and the photo cards that I wanted to model.

I took Karol’s idea of a Christmas wishlist for her friends and incorporated it with family pictures we took throughout the year.

I use a tri-fold template, and it unfolds like a brochure.

For the cards going to our closest friends and family, I use the white space inside the card to give an update of what everyone’s been up to. For acquaintances, I just leave off the update and say Merry Christmas.

I use Microsoft Publisher, and I start with choosing a clipart Christmas tree background, then I pick my favorite pictures from the past year. Next I place the pictures on the card and pair them with an appropriate caption.

In the early years I just used regular typing paper, but now I use thick brochure card stock, which prints the pictures more clearly. Using pre-scored card stock makes a neater fold. I do the printing myself with my HP Photosmart printer.

Our design has changed a little over the years … but we all love looking back through cards of Christmas past. They're a good representation of the most fun and best photos of the year. It's a good stroll down memory lane!

I was going to link to the Christmas Card Party at the 36th Avenue but those girls are much more together than I am ... their cards were done by December 6th! Go on over and have a look though, there are some lovely cards!

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