Saturday, November 26, 2011

Season of Gratitude: Cheerleaders

Well, I don’t really mean that kind of cheerleader, but kind of.
(Alexis! Call me!!)

Joyce Landorf Heatherley calls them Balcony People. “They use their words to affirm and assure you of their love for you, their confidence in you, and their belief in you as a person of value.”

If recall the story in Joyce’s book Balcony People correctly, she describes a practice in ancient Rome (or Greece?) where sick people undergoing treatment were encouraged by beautiful girls shouting down from balconies.


Keep going! You can do it! I believe in you! You’re doing great!

Balcony People believe in you. Even better, they believe in the you that’s the best one. Sometimes that’s the one you don’t glimpse very often.

Balcony People perform miracles. When you see yourself reflected in their eyes, your reflection stands a little taller, is a little more polished, somehow more believable, and has it more together. They soothe you when you feel like you’re so far behind you’ll never catch up. When you see yourself through their eyes, you think “well, if they believe it, maybe I am pretty special!”

Today I’m grateful for my friends … my cheerleaders … my Balcony People :o)

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