Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

My friend Angela is a Christmas decorator extraordinaire … she puts up sixteen?  seventeen?  trees at her house.  Yes.  I know.  I thought it was a little crazy myself … but when I asked her “ummm, Ang … why so many trees?” she said, “well … every room you go in, there’s a tree … and all that sparkly ...  just makes ya happy.”   

So you know what I think?  I think if you know what makes you happy and you don’t do it … that’s crazy. 

Come on over to the JustB and let's get happy!

There's always a spot for you on the front porch ...

This is Blanca ... she's as soft and cuddly as she looks!

I love this piece ... I got it from my mom ... it has different pieces to put on it according to the season.

My sweet friend Jerri gave us the plaid blanket ... it's wonderful to curl up under in the rocking chair!

 This garland was in my Mom's sewing things.  I'm not sure what she was intending to do with it, but it's perfect for our front porch.  Thanks, Mom 

Our Moravian Star ... from Kathy and Billy ... theirs hangs in North Carolina ... ours hangs in Texas ... and the peace, love and goodwill flows in between, nevermind the miles.

Come on in!

The kids are already making merry with the stockings ... they draw Secret Santa names and load up the stockings at random.  You know, with meaningful things ... like whoopee cushions.

We're decorating the tree...

Nathan is regaling us with Christmas Carols on the piano.

ha!  no he isn't.  He's acting goofy - what else is new?

Aaron wasn't so much into the whole decorating thing ... but couldn't pass up the opportunity to lick the brownie batter off the spoon.

Nothing like brownie batter to cheer you up!

Ben ... doing his stoic and wise pose .... except his brother is intruding on the photo with the random snowman on his shoulder  And please note Bob the Tomato at the top of the tree.  He's about to be downgraded.   

Go Lt.Dan!  This is also a joking picture.  Lt.Dan sort of exists outside of my decorating extravaganzas.  But that's okay ... he always appreciates it when it's all done :o)

Come have a look around at some of my favorite Christmas and Winter things ...

 I remember meticulously placing those dots on that tree in kindergarten :o)  these are the decorations that I love most about Christmas, the ones that snap you back in time.

Mom used to fill this candy dish with old fashioned ribbon Christmas candy.  I know better than to do that with my kids though ... it's behind glass for everyone's protection.  And I love the little Mr. Scrooge pillbox, also from Mom.

These crystal trees were also Mom's.  There was one more ... but I broke it when I was eight.  I decided right then I would not trust my own kids with glass :o)

 Sparkly!  Makes ya happy! 

This is the light over our dining table.  It looks like candles, but it's just lights.  I love it.

My kid's contribution to decorating ... get it?  he's licking the icicle!

This sign stays up all the time ... because it IS a wonderful life!

My favorite lighted house ... it's a bookstore!

My Aunt Margaret did this beautiful cross-stitch piece.  It's one of my very favorite seasonal things!

 I do wish you a Merry Christmas ... and hope that this season brings you the deepest, heartfelt joy.  

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!

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  1. Beautiful Tour! Thanks for sharing. And thank you for visiting my blog today! Merry Christmas!

  2. LOVING the pictorial! It was a great Christmas season with you girl ... I say we do it again next year!

  3. I especially love all the sentimental family items. How lovely.

  4. Norman Rockwell has got NOTHING on JustB !