Monday, January 23, 2012

{{ 12 in 12 }} ... The Office: Houston, we have a plan ...

Well, I was all set with my plan for Lt.Dan's office.  It involved new corner bookshelves, and building a desk credenza using file cabinets as the base.

But then ... I sat in there and worked for a bit last week.  And I got to thinking ...

Lt.Dan prefers to sit on the couch when he's working from home.  He has a laptop.  

So is a desk completely  necessary?  Couldn't we do something interesting in the office and make the space more enjoyable to work in?

I was inspired by Thrify Decor Chick's unconventional plan for her dining room...

why not set up a room in a way you'll really use it?

I'm thinking a comfy chair in the corner, with a file cabinet beside it - a set up similar to Susan's office from Between Naps on the Porch.

And a large screen monitor, mounted on the wall with a swing arm, over the filing cabinet.

And bookshelves ...yay!  yay!  yay!  bookshelves! ...

And a small desk in the corner (just in case we need it).

Lt.Dan suggested that we might achieve similar results from just cleaning things up a little.  
I did beg to differ :o)  But as long as I don't block the view out of the windows, he's good with the plan.

So I'm really excited about it.  We'll be doing some furniture shuffling ... and a little shopping ... and a little revamping of the whole {{ 12 in 12 }} Home Goals plan .... but plans are made for revamping ... at least that's what I think :o)

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  1. It'll be yet another cool place to you hang out with you babe!

  2. Love this out-of-the-box plan! Will look forward to watching it develop.