Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super Easy Firestarter!

Forever and ever I loved candles.
Then came Scentsy, and I was immediately smitten 
with changing the aroma of a room or the whole house in minutes.  

Throwing away the used wax always bugged me, but I could never think of a way to use it.
Enter my brilliant friend, Angela, who got me started with the Scentsy craze in the first place.
In an offhand comment, Angela mentioned she uses her used wax to make firestarters.
Firestarters that smell amazing and get the fire going fast and easy.

Have a couple of these on hand and you'll be the most popular girl at the campfire 
and the hero to everyone who's ready to roast some chestnuts.

Here's how it's done:

You'll need small Dixie cups, the paper (not the plastic) kind ...

Stuff a paper napkin down into the cup ...

Then break your used wax into pieces and place them inside the napkin, 
or pour melted wax directly into the napkin in the cup.

Of course if you're pouring hot wax, you'll need to be careful not to spill it on yourself or anything else.

Let the wax harden, and when you're ready for a fire in the fireplace ...

or a bonfire outside ...

tuck a cup or two into the kindling and light the napkin.  
You'll have a toasty warm fire going in minutes!

Stay warm!

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