Friday, November 8, 2013

Night Fever

Before we moved to the country, LtDan's commute to work was about 10 minutes.
Now it's at least 45 minutes, sometimes an hour.
But he determined never to evaluate whether or not the commute was worth it 
unless he was sitting on the deck looking out over the JustB.


A pipeline that goes from the Gulf of Mexico to Oklahoma runs across the back of our property.
It was there when we moved here, and it's fairly unobtrusive.  
The pipeline company maintains a clear cut over it, 
and we can't build a structure over it.
No big deal.

When the pipeline company approached us last year about putting another pipeline in ... 
oh ... dear ... 
I'm all for progress as long as it stays in the city.

But you know what they say ... you can't stand in the way of progress.
And if progress is coming through your very own backyard, you may as well benefit from it.  
So we negotiated a win/win that helped us build a new barn.

That's where we sit when we contemplate this:

It hasn't been as bad as we imagined.
For some reason we expected workmen crawling all over the place, but it hasn't been that bad.

The hardest part was that they had to cut down some trees.
Ironically, even though the kids and I had been gone all day long the day they cut them down,
we pulled up to see the last tree fall.

But it's been interesting to watch the process ... it's a massive undertaking.

In the meantime,
we just hang out in the barn.  

The disco ball hanging up there in the rafters helps :o) 

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