Tuesday, November 19, 2013

And God said ...

On the best days, I have many several a few good ideas and inspiration 
in the morning before things really get rolling.  
And even on the best days, before 9:00, most of those things
have been toppled over, left behind and forgotten on the roadside of life 
because life is moving at the speed of ... well, life.  

This is one of those best days ... one of those days when God leads you to His word and says,

Read this.  
You need to hear me say this."

 And it is so relevant, so personal, so applicable, so right now 
that it's like a stop motion film ... 
I'm in the matrix, and the bullets are whizzing by, 
but I'm standing still and I can  
c a t c h   t h e m. 

I want to take hold of and hang onto His voice, 
embed in my heart the very direct things He tells me.  
So I'm writing them here, so I won't forget today, 
and so I'm accountable to this truth today.  
I'm not leaving this one behind, 
and guess what ... I think you may need to hear it too:

For everything God created is good
1 Timothy 4:4

Are you created?  
Then God is talking to you.  
No matter what someone else may be telling you, 
no matter what you may be believing about yourself ... 
God, your creator, says this
... about you ... 
You're good!  

Didn't say perfect.  Didn't say without fault.  
The being you were created to be, in which God your creator delights ...
you are good.

I hope that brings you joy today :o)

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