Monday, December 9, 2013

If it makes you merry ...

Norman Vincent Peale said, "Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, 
and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."  
Don't you think that's true?
A little extra sparkle here, a little twinkle there, and our hearts are right to be merry.

I've talked about my friend Angela before
she of the multiple Christmas trees, 
whose wise words about knowing what makes you happy 
and giving yourself permission to enjoy it to the fullest 
are food for thought the whole year round.  

When it's time to put away my autumn décor, it always makes me a little blue, 
but all I have to do to ignite the joy and anticipation of Christmas is talk to Angela, 
and I'm ready to put away the orange and yellows in exchange 
for the twinkle and sparkle of Christmas. 
She gets all her decorating done and then sits back and revels in the joys of the season,
and her joy is infectious.

My Christmas décor is pretty much the same year to year …
if you’d like to see my house at Christmastime, you can click }here{ …
but you’re in for a treat today because we’re going to Angela’s house!

When Ang and her hubby were shopping for a house, it was the curved staircase that sold this floor plan. 
She was dreaming about where to put her favorite Christmas tree and knew it would be lovely just there. 
But the tree was too big, so instead,
 she has this bit of lovely tucked into the curve of the stairway.  
Angela made the stair rail embellishments from an old Christmas tree ... she's brilliant and thrifty!

Just beautiful!

Angela’s kitchen is a happy Christmas place.

Would you like a cupcake?
Because these cupcakes look delicious!

Whoops!  Not cupcakes!  Ornaments!

I hope you're sitting down, 
because Angela's dreamy beach themed breakfast nook, 
complete with window seat and wise owls, is swoon worthy.
Her son made the happy little nativity centerpiece ... nice job, B!

One look back … perfection!

Through the kitchen to the dining room we get a peek of a gorgeous gold and white tree.
Her name is Mabel.

When Ang adds a tree to her collection, it’s not just an acquisition.
It’s an adoption.  All her trees have names.  
Allow me to introduce you to Bertha.

Bertha is the tree that wouldn’t fit in the curved stairway because she’s too big. 
She is, however, lovely right here in the family room.
She's resplendent in red this year.
On this day, the Elf on the Shelf was having fun up there in Bertha's branches.
This room is red and white for Christmas, including the handpainted pillows. 

The fourth tree in the house is B’s tree, in the game room.  It’s decorated for Call of Duty :o)

When I asked Angela where her favorite place in the house is, there was no hesitation. 
Without a doubt, it’s her craft room.
Sparkly, happy colors everywhere.
Creativity drips off this girl.  
Creativity and energy. 
Today she was working on Christmas Cheer shakers for teacher gifts.

Love this girl!
If it's Christmas time, she's celebrating it.
If it's not Christmas time, she's planning and looking forward to it.
And if you're in her company very long, 
you'll catch some of her joy and find yourself considering what makes you that happy.  

Thank you, Ang, for sharing your lovely home ...
and especially for sharing your joyful holiday spirit!

Shared joy is doubled joy ... let's double the joy for both of us - what are you most grateful for today? Click below to leave your comment. I'll go first :

  1. I think your friend and I would get along swimmingly! Thanks for sharing her merry home!

    1. i expect so - she's wonderful! you're most welcome!

  2. Angela sounds like a great person & I'm glad she invited us into her lovely home! Thank you for sharing.

    1. she most definitely is ... thank you for coming along!