Friday, December 6, 2013

Recycled Christmas Light Wreath

Winter is here!  
The difference in temperature from Tuesday to Wednesday was about 40 degrees,
and right now everything is covered with ice .... 
winter is here!  
It's always kind of a downer to put up Christmas decorations 
wearing short sleeves with the windows open ... so personally, I'm delighted. 
If we lose electricity, I'm sure I'll have a different opinion :o)

On this long, cold and wintery evening, I worked on a project that I've been wanting to do for a long time.  
I inherited our family's Christmas lights:  

it's entirely possible that these very lights were on our house my first Christmas, 
and that was ... well, long enough ago that plugging them in could an be electrical hazard.
I've always  loved these old fashioned colorful Christmas lights though,
so I decided to do something else with them and thought they might work on a wreath.

The supplies:  a 16" wire work wreath from Hobby Lobby

And two rolls of  decor wire twist tie from Walmart

I took the light bulbs off the light string and wrapped a wire twist tie securely around the base of each one,
and then wrapped the twist tie around the wire wreath.

The wire wreath had an inside and an outside wire, so I filled out the inner wire with some greenery. 

I didn't count how many lights I had, or organize them into colors, 
so I was holding my breath at the end hoping there would be enough to get all the way around the wreath.  

YAY ... there were!

We'll be iced in for a few days, but if a quick trip to town were an option, 
I might go pick up some ribbon or wire mesh to add on, but for now this will certainly do.  
I'm not sure where this wreath is going to go ... I'd love to put it on the front door, 
but people tend to close that door rather vigorously 
and it's probably not the best idea to have glass light bulbs hanging on it.  
I'll be playing with where to put it, but in the mean time, 
even though the colors don't really go with my holiday color scheme, 
they sure do make me happy!  

Stay warm!

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  1. That looks awesome! I just love crafts involving these big lights. Happy Holidays.

    1. me too ... thank you! Hope your holidays are merry!!