Friday, March 13, 2015

Mercy Hunting ... bring on the spring!

Everything here is pointing right to spring and the cold morning walks of January and February are done.  There hasn't been quite enough cold to thoroughly mark winter, if you ask me.  I would be happy to spend a few more nights lingering in front of the fireplace, but you can't argue against Daylight Savings Time and 60 degree temperatures.

Most week days I walk two miles in the morning.  I think I only missed walking two of the days I planned to walk since January, and a couple days I even walked in light rain.  This is a new thing for me, this regular exercise gig.  It makes a tremendous difference in how I feel both physically and mentally, and I'm committed.  I want to be a healthy old lady ... I wish I had started sooner!  

I try to snap a picture of at least one thing that delights me when I walk, and I call it Mercy Hunting.  Mercy Hunting will prime you to look for things that make you happy, and help you be present, and help you be thankful.  Initially, I thought there wouldn't be enough "new" things to take note of, since I always walk the same route, but there is something new every single day.  

 It didn't snow here until March, but there were plenty of sparkling frosty mornings 
in January and February.  And foggy mornings, too, which I love.

Some days I listen to podcasts or auido books while I walk, some days I pray, 
some days I just think, and some days I just walk.
Once I startled a deer bedded down in the trees by the creek, and once I stared down a wild hog.  

The March snow was lovely and light ... enough to cover everything with a few inches, freak the entire metroplex out about driving anytime before June, and be gone for the most part by the second day.

Ruby is my walking companion.  She's mightily patient with me while I stop to take pictures or just look around and take everything in.  But she also employs the "what are you doing - would you please hurry up? You're driving me crazy" stare quite effectively.

The daffodils made their stand against the snow, the frogs have begun their perpetual croak,
 there's water rushing in the creek, and this morning a flock of geese were winging it north.
Spring is here, and God's mercies are new, every morning.
Done any Mercy Hunting yourself lately?
Happy Friday!

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