Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's that in your ear?

So, you know I love to listen to music in the kitchen.  
It helps me think I like to cook :o)

Last summer I bought a Logitech UE Smart Radio.

 I wanted an easily portable speaker, 
but this little gadget completely exceeded the minimal concept I had in mind. 

I use the SmartRadio to stream online radio stations, 
but it also connects to an Ipod (or other similar device),
and according to the instructions, you can connect it your computer and play from your music library.
I haven't ventured into that technology since I haven't begged one of my teenagers to set it up
Pandora works great for me.

One of my new year's resolutions was to find more new music.
My music library is fairly diverse, but would be pretty static if not for my SmartRadio and Pandora.

I created one of my favorite Pandora stations when LtDan gave me the best Christmas gift EVER and I had some relaxing time to just be.  You can read about that perfect gift }here{.  This favorite station is alternative, electronic, ambient music ... a lot like movie soundtrack music, which I love.  

Hans Zimmer is my absolute favorite composer in the soundtrack genre 
(Sherlock Holmes, Inception, The Holiday, The Road to El Dorado ...
 the list is so long and varied - everything he does is fantastic).  

Recently I found new-to-me music that is just AMAZING.  
It's the kind of music that makes you want to do important things,
 survive natural disasters, 
reunite with your one true love after the war separates you, 
deliver the ring to Mordor.
Or, you know ... cook.

I'll show you my current favorite song ...well, it's hard to say favorite, 
because I love every song on this CD, 
but it's the first song on it that got my attention. 


I hope you like it :o)

It's beautiful, and it will make you feel like you have completed your quest, 
made it home after the long journey,
conquered insurmountable difficulties, 
and everything in your world is going to be just fine. 

E.S. Posthumus - Unearthed

Did you like it?
What do you have playing in your ear these days?

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