Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Family Surfing Night, #13

We were all ready for Family Surfing Night this week ... get ready for some good laughs!

click }here{ if you're not familiar with this venue of family fun, 
where we offer up things like this for your entertainment:

That deer still gets me every. single. time.

My video this week was so very very perfect because the kids and I just had a conversation
about how the lyrics of popular music today are so aggressively degrading ... 
no romance, no respect, no intrigue ... just straight to smut.
And they thought Elvis was bad :o)  
Anyway, we talked about some specific songs, and noted what a shame it is to have great music 
and completely trashy lyrics.  
And then.  
I found this video ... 

Lt Dan's video gets an honorable mention ... 
wherein we learn that it's important to watch your video all the way through 
with the sound turned up before you present it to the whole family.  
It's hard to say which made us laugh more: the cute video or LtDan's shock at the surprise ending :o)

Aaron's choice again shows his love of Team Fortress 2.  
Judging by how much the kids all laughed, the video is quite funny if you're familiar with the game. 
The video is called September 1st.  
And you'll be happy to hear there's one for every first day of the month.  
Kids are so funny.

Abbie is a BIG fan of the movie Frozen.  
She has us all singing "Let it Go" under our breath at least once a day.  
Watch what happens when the song is run through Google translator a few times.

Nathan had a hard time deciding what to present and finally settled on this one.
I can kind of appreciate the humor, but the mom in me just can't get comfortable with it.
Nate will roll his eyes if he reads that and tell me I'm taking it too seriously :o)

Ben's entry is amazing.  
But to appreciate it, you must ... really - you must ... use headphones.  
Go get some earbuds right now.  
We'll wait.  
I promise it's worth it!

It was tough when we came down to voting.
Such greatness!
And the winner is:

Church Signs!

Gold medal puns for sure.  
And if you're familiar with the original song, it's all the more hilarious ... so well done.  
You know you love it!

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