Monday, May 21, 2012


 They'll be mowing the hay at the JustB this week.  It's always good to have the fields cleared ... but it also means saying goodbye to the lovely wildflowers, so the dogs and I went to pick one last bouquet.

I took a bouquet to my sweet friend Julie, and she asked if I grew them.
Ha!  No, I did not grow them, they're wildflowers.
Oh, Julie says, that counts!

Hurrah!  they count!

Ruby knows she's not supposed to be in the cab.  

She's really supposed to be in the back.

The flowers are lovely ... 

But it's definitely time to mow, because the is grass higher than the hood of the truck!  It makes the most wonderful swishing sound when you drive through it.

They'll be harvesting bales of hay but I prefer the flowers ...

Many years ago on a trip with my Mom and Dad I got this tall vase as a souvenir ... 

because I knew  that my future husband would certainly bring me lots and lots of flowers. 
I like living at the JustB and having a whole field of them right out my back door even better.
LtDan gets credit for that ... it counts  :o) 

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  1. They just cleared the back pasture for hay and I know what you mean. I was sad to see the wild flowers go :(. Your photography is amazing! So glad you stopped by for a visit :)