Friday, May 4, 2012

Waiting up

Ben is at a movie marathon tonight this morning.  The first movie started at noon yesterday, and the last movie is finishing up now, in the wee hours.  

Homeschooling has in some ways sheltered us and our kids from the social whirl that public schooling can offer.  So this staying up late waiting for a teenager to come home safely is a new thing.

It was strange when he was giving me the details on this movie outing (who's going? where is it? do you know how to get there? are you taking anyone? when is it over?) ... and I realized ... he's eighteen ... legally he doesn't have to have my permission.

He's eighteen, this guy.

He graduates from high school this month.

He went to the Texas Christian Homeschool prom (which is beyond amazing), 
rented a tuxedo, and danced with very lovely girls.

 I love who he's become.  

But still in my heart I wonder:  how did this little boy ... 

escape me so fast?

The joy in this season comes in seeing the fruit of the teaching, the discipline, the prayers - ripen into a person outside of yourself ... and in realizing that even if you weren't his Mom ... 
you would find him completely wonderful.  

Even if he is out late.

Shared joy is doubled joy ... let's double the joy for both of us - what are you most grateful for today? Click below to leave your comment. I'll go first :

  1. This choked me up a little. My big girl is entering kindergarten next fall and I'm afraid I'll blink and next thing be ordering the sandwiches for her high school graduation party. Does it really happen that fast?

    1. It does. It does, it does, it does. You hear it all your life and still don't see it coming ... but the pleasure of seeing them grown up helps take the edge off!

  2. Great post. So happy for your graduate! :)