Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One for the Bucket List, Part 2 ... the Backroad

Beach comber that I'd like to think I am ... 
this land locked Texas girl forgot to pack beach walking shoes for her trip to California. 

But that's okay.

Because you know there's always one of these right around the corner ...

... well, unless you happen to be in Cambria, California.  
Then, pretty much no, there is no Walmart.  

For Walmart, you have to go to Paso Robles.

But that's okay! 
 Because the road to Walmart looks like this ...

... and the IPod is playing Born is the King, the theme song for our little excursion (it was December :o).  Have you heard this song?  It's the perfect accompaniment for a windows down, heart swelling Christmastime drive through the hills of California.  This song will make your heart sing and your toes tap no matter what the season ... 

There are several wineries between Cambria and Paso Robles ...

and always, always, 360 degrees of grandeur ... 

Beautiful, no?

Could a road from here to there be more lovely?

Yes it could!  

It could when you have an adventurous sister who knows a backroad!  
A one lane backroad!

A one lane backroad of   

See the darker blue in the distance below, on the left?

that's the ocean :o)

If I were a raccoon, I would live in the hollow of this tree ...

because this would be my view ...

We're only half way to Cambria ... and I'm glad we took this route on the way back from Walmart.  Because if we'd taken it on the way to Walmart, Duct Tape would probably have been in my sister's cart.  And that Duct Tape probably would've gone right over my mouth, because my brain was on gorgeousness overload and my mouth was on a continuous loop of


This is the road ahead - or below, as the case may be ...

Want a video?
First, let me say I sound terribly goofy ... just be happy I only said "so beautiful" twice in 40 seconds and be glad you're not my sister, who, being short on DuctTape, probably would've loved to at least throw a thesaurus at me ... quick!  give me 10 synonyms for beautiful!

Although the road feels remarkably secluded, there are several residences along the way.
How about this little house on the hill ...

or if you prefer a more traditional farmhouse  ...

or perhaps the cottage look appeals to you ...

can you stand it??

Oh yes, there's property for sale ... 

A cool 1.7 million gets you an address on this road ... give or take a couple thousand :o)

 We saw a flock of wild turkeys ... 

They were kind creepy.  I kept thinking about Jurassic Park.
Definitely one of the strangest things I have ever seen!  



I couldn't put my camera down.  My heart aches even now for all the beauty.  It was




I sure am glad I forgot my shoes :o)

You can take this backroad drive, too!  it feels quiet and secluded and you will feel like you've discovered a secret passage to Heaven.  The abounding peace will fill up your soul, guaranteed. 

From Cambria and Highway 1, take Main Street to Santa Rosa Creek Road.  Santa Rosa Creek Road dead ends into Main Street, quite close to Fog's End Bed and Breakfast.  At the other end of Santa Rosa Creek Road, you'll come to Highway 46 and can head to Paso Robles or back to Highway 1 and Cambria.

From Paso Robles, take Highway 46/Cayucus Road toward Cambria.  Go approximately 10.5 miles and turn right on Santa Rosa Creek Road.  This turn is almost half way to Highway 101 from Paso Robles.  The turn is pretty nondescript, and there is no sign saying "This Way to Heaven", so watch carefully for it.

Now ... as if this Backroad for the Bucket List isn't enough, 
guess what our next stop is?  

a castle!

This One for the Bucket List California Road Trip is a Six Part Series.  
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  1. Beautiful pics!! Love that heart on a hill!

  2. What a gorgeous place! I think I'd be in danger of driving to and from Walmart every day if I had all that for my journey. You got so many fantastic pictures, too! Simply stunning. (And thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your kind words on my post.)

    1. ha! you made me laugh with the daily trip to Walmart - yes, I think I would be needing do a daily run to the store as well! ... and you're certainly welcome, I loved your adoption story post!