Friday, February 22, 2013

One for the Bucket List, Part Last: California Highway 1

Last December, my sister asked me if I wanted to take a trip to California with her.


She asked me if  I wanted to go.  

It was a quick three day trip that I loved so much,
 it's been hard to bring myself to post the last few pictures.

We flew to San Francisco and drove down California Highway 1 
in the gorgeous and golden late afternoon, 
through Pebble Beach, all the way down to Cambria.  

 See that beautiful drive }here{

The next day we went to Walmart, 
and took a stunning back road that still makes my heart soar.

See that lovely jaunt }here{

Then we visited a National Park.  But not the kind with portolets and grizzly bears.  
This National Park is a castle - Hearst's Castle. 

See Part 1 of our visit to the castle }here{ with beautiful views of the grounds and pools
Part 2 of the castle }here{ showcasing the main gathering areas inside the castle
and Part 3 of the castle }here{ and have a look upstairs and in the bedrooms.

But if a castle doesn't quite fit your concept of the National Park experience, 
just down from Hearst's Castle is a beach that is home to elephant seals.  

They were SO BIG, but these were mostly babies and adolescents.  
The full grown males can be as big as a car!

So really, it's probably not a good idea to try to pet one.  
Resist the urge.  

Most of them were just lying around,

 soaking up the sun,

blissing out on the the beach.

Some of them were play fighting.

Probably the equivalent of a bunch of teenagers having a sleepover.

On most trips, getting in the car to head home is when you curl up in the backseat 
to catch a little shut eye.

But not this one.

Definitely ...

not this one.

When we were kids, we once saw a killer whale on this drive.  
It followed the coastline for quite some time.  

We didn't see anything quite so spectacular this time, but we did see a whale spout a few times. 
Not that I was able to catch it on film ... 
At least I am consistent :o)

If you decide you absolutely must stay one more night,

you have options.

But sometimes, you just can't draw it out any longer, and it's time to go home. 

Besides, you know what they say about all good things ... 

This One for the Bucket List California Road Trip is a Six Part Series.  
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