Friday, October 16, 2015

Listen to This! Podcast Recommendations, #2

You know how lonely it feels when you face a tough situation and you have no idea how to speak to it?  The toughest situation you've faced in ...  ever ... and no one around you has any common ground?  Or maybe the situation is really personal, and you can't talk to anyone about it, though you desperately need input.  When you're faced with a tough life situation and you feel all alone in it, what you've been filling your heart and mind with can be your lifeline if you've been cultivating good stuff, and podcasts are an exceptional source for inspiration and personal development.  Today I'll share six of my current favorites with you.

I love podcasts because they're like getting free  -free!-  coaching, mentoring, encouragement, and entertainment on demand.  When my kids were small, I listened to books on tape whilst doing the repetitive tasks of the day.  It helped keep my mind active and focused on positive things rather than well, the repetitive tasks of the day.  I still listen to books, but these days I'm also listening to a lot of podcasts.  They keep my thought life focused and growing, and when life's stormclouds come along, not only are they a place to find comfort in the present, I find they've seeded my mind with wise counsel, direction, and sound thinking.

I'm invested in my Ipod and ITunes, so that's the solution for me but there are lots of other options (I hear Stitcher or Downcast mentioned fairly often).  Initially, I bookmarked podcast websites and listened to them from my SmartPhone, but eventually that became unwieldy.  Now I subscribe to my favorite podcasts in ITunes, and new updates are automatically downloaded to my ITunes library and ready to sync to my IPod whenever I plug it in.  I sync my IPod on Sunday evening, and I've set ITunes to remove the episodes I've listened to and load up to ten new episodes of each Podcast.  This makes it super easy to start my week with a cache of inspiration, encouragement, motivation, entertainment and education.

I listen to podcasts on my IPod on my morning walks and while I do housework or yardwork.  Sometimes, if there's no one around to entertain me, I listen while I cook.  My favorite time to listen is when I get dressed in the morning - that's a regular 30 minutes at the beginning of the day and gets my thoughts moving in a positive and empowered direction.  I also love to listen when I drive into town, if I'm by myself - it makes a 30 minute drive go by much faster.

At the moment, I'm subscribed to 30 podcasts, and I'm always finding new recommendations from other bloggers and podcasters.  Here are six great listens:

Insight for Living, with Charles R. Swindoll

Charles Swindoll teaches the Bible like no one else.  His teaching style is my favorite - take a passage of scripture and examine it from all angles, don't water down the truth when it's difficult, and don't pass up any opportunity to laugh deep down from the belly.  This is solid, wise Bible teaching at its best, and Swindoll's kind and warm voice makes you feel like you're listening to a trusted friend.

Click }here{ to view the current Insight for Living series, "Joseph: A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness"

Sorta Awesome, with Megan Tietz 

Oh, this delightful Podcast!  You get to sit in on a weekly happy conversation between Megan and one of her co-hosts.  You never know what they'll be discussing, but it will always be interesting and may include beauty tips or a discussion about the Myers-Briggs personality test or pop-culture.  And the Awesome of the Week is always, of course, awesome.    

Click }here{ to go to the Sorta Awesome Podcast archive.  I enjoyed episode #22, "Breakups, Favorites and Other Confessions," wherein Megan and Laura discuss books, among other things.  I read my first Steven King novel as a result of this podcast - never in a million years thought that would happen.

The Accidental Creative, with Todd Henry

The Accidental Creative is consistently at the top of my list for great podcast listens, since I can always count on Todd Henry to offer concise and practical inspiration for upping the game when it comes to productivity and creativity.

Click }here{ to listen to "The Power of a Morning Ritual", and you'll hear compelling reasons why a regular morning ritual will heighten your productivity, along with a description of the elements of Todd Henry's morning ritual.

The Lively Show, with Jess Lively

The Lively Show will equip you to live life from a foundation of values based intentions.  Topics vary from career to relationships to wellness to business to food and are thought provoking and inspiring.

Click }here{ to listen to the interview with Tara Bliss, a life coach from Australia about her journey from life as a party girl to her best self.  She has the kindest voice, ever - the way she says "Honey" will melt your heart.  I also enjoyed the episode with Alisa Viti, "Optimizing Your Hormones to Optimize Every Aspect of Your Life (click }here{ to listen).  The episode with Jadah Sellner, "Simple Green Smoothies, Embracing Imperfections and Online Marketing" has me drinking Green Smoothies and loving it (click }here{ to listen).

Fat Burning Man, with Abel James

Honestly, this Podcast is just a little beyond me, but I'm interested in living healthier and this podcast is packed with information about fitness and nutrition and high quality health that gets me thinking in the right direction.  Fat Burning Man gives the science behind the healthful recommendations and that helps me internalize the whys.

Click }here{ to listen to the interview with Danny Dryer, "Mindful Exercise, the Importance of Breathing, and Hitting Your Reset Button."  Of course I knew you should breathe "properly" when you exercise, but this is the podcast that helped me understand the benefits and was therefore the thing that finally has me breathing right.

Hope*ologie, with Myquillyn Smith, Emily P. Freeman, and Gary Morland

That would be sisters Myquillyn Smith (the Nester) and author Emily P. Freeman, and their Dad.  Hope*ologie is a sweet conversation between the three about random things revolving around family, health and spirituality.  It's a very casual broadcast, frequently filled with giggles and silliness that you will completely understand if you ever discuss childhood with a sibling.  Definitely lighthearted, with spiritual depth, Hope*ologie is soothing to the soul.
 Click }here{ to listen to "What Only Summer Can Teach Me"

If you're looking for more podcast options, check out my first podcast recommendations post }here{.  I'd love to know if you have some recommendations, too!

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  1. I'm grateful there are so many wise and gifted people willing to share their wisdom!