Friday, April 10, 2015

Mercy Hunting : Wild Flower Edition

This week there were spring flowers to be found with each morning's Mercy Hunting.  There were so many things I didn't know before life in the country, the lifespan of wildflowers being one.  I thought they bloomed in the spring and kept on until fall.  That's not how it works here in Texas - the wild flowers are here for a relatively short time and then they're gone, mostly because of the unrelenting summer heat, I'm sure.  The lesson is to enjoy them thoroughly while they're here.  And to avoid things like poison ivy while you're reaping that wild flower joy.

I also thought all the flowers came all at once, but that's not true either; they kind of come in waves.  Right now there are mostly white and yellows and I'm still waiting for three of my favorites: the orange and red blanket flowers, and two different blue varieties.  There was a sweet little bed of blue flowers that kept me company all summer long last year, but I can't remember what they looked like.  I keep looking in the little cove where I found them ... I'll be so happy when they arrive.    

With water in the creek, I have to reacquaint myself to the sound of it.  All along the way there are little waterfalls that tease you to come close enough to the creek bank to see them.  By midsummer, the water will be completely dried up and the creek will be quiet again.

While I'm walking, I'm listening to the book Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin.  Gretchen is a convincing proponent of habits: when you create and follow a habit, you don't have to put forth the energy to make decisions surrounding that behavior, and it makes life   so.  much.  easier.  Not that I've mastered the art of maintaining habits, but I do happen to agree.  You don't have to decide whether or not to brush your teeth, you just do it because it's a habit.  Applying this strategy to more of life is brilliant.  Gretchen explains how our personalities impact the way we form habits, and best of all, the book is packed with practical ideas and tactics to help you create and maintain the habits you want to keep.  I highly recommend this book - Gretchen is warm and funny and her book will fire you up to make life easier through the power of habit.  Click} here { to read more about Better Than Before at Gretchen's website.  

 } This {  blog list of "9 Rules for Being Friends with an Introvert" was everywhere last week, and I found it amusing and insightful.  That post brought to light for me how completely I adore my extrovert friends :o)   Extrovert?  Introvert?  Which are you?  I like the definition that includes what refuels your energy.  If you're energized by being with people, it's likely you're an extrovert.  If you need time alone to refuel, you're probably an introvert.  That makes me straight up introvert, no question about it.  I'm the kind of introvert that loves to throw parties, finds the world thrilling and is sometimes the last to leave because she hasn't talked to everyone yet. One of the nice things about getting older is figuring out how you tick and not being so thrown by it.  If you think you're an introvert, read the list - it might help make some things about yourself make sense.  Knowing yourself and not questioning (so much) why you aren't like everyone else is a relief.  As you age, a softening, mellowing, seasoning process happens.  You feel more comfortable in your own soul.  It's a lovely upside to getting older.  

I planted seeds from last year's morning glories willy nilly at the culvert where our driveway crosses the creek and they're growing!  Taking that as a green thumb go ahead, I also threw some seeds into a fallen log in the woods - I hope I can make it brim over with flowers.  Morning glories are so easy.  If I can get them to grow, anyone can.

How about you?  What new mercies did you run across this week?


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