Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family Surfing Night #9

It's Family Surfing Night!

click }here{ if you're not familiar with this kind of Quality Family Time.  
Because if you're not familiar ... 

That's right ... Quality.  
With a capital "Q".

This week we start off with a music video entry from Ben.
It's ... strange.  
It's so strange you can't look away.
And by the time you realize you can't look away, you also realize the song is quite catchy.

During this video, we had a surprise guest appearance by our friend Emily via pop up chat.
Hi Emily!


We're on a musical roll tonight.  
From Aaron:  very cool animation and a good tune by Gotye.
On a side note, do you know how to say "Gotye"?
It's pronounced GOtee-yay.
Doesn't that feel so much more hip than saying GOT-ye? or GO-tye? 
It's how all the cool people say it.
Another benefit of Family Surfing Night.
Social Awareness! 

From Abbie:   Unequal pay between monkeys.  
It's a real problem.  
You'll see.   

From LtDan:  LtDan is a wizard when it comes to making fried rice.  
He can make delicious fried rice out of anything. 
We can all appreciate the skill demonstrated by the Master of Fried Rice in this video.
But at our house, we could call no one but LtDan the Master of Fried Rice.  
We've had too many fabulous Fried Rice dinners to say anything else. 
An impressive video, nonetheless.

And from Me:  a fond remembrance of Saturday Night Live circa 1984.  
Sadly, it's not the entire video, because the entire video is nowhere to be found on the internet.  
This makes me very sad.
Anyway, only LtDan and I knew how truly funny this entry was.

Nathan, for some goofy reason, had no video to share.  
I think it may be because he has seen every funny thing on the internet and cannot choose. 
He is aware this is unacceptable. 

And tonight's Family Surfing Night winner is:

Ben's strange-can't-look-away entry by Steam Powered Giraffe!
You know you want to see it again!

Congrats to Ben, your name goes on the trophy!

Shared joy is doubled joy ... let's double the joy for both of us - what are you most grateful for today? Click below to leave your comment. I'll go first :

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