Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Family Surfing Night #8

I can't stop thinking about the Oklahoma tornado yesterday ... 
lots and lots of prayers for everyone in Moore.  

Today's forecast for our area of Texas looked fairly serious, but it just didn't come together for much more than wind and rain, for which we are very thankful.  

The electricity was off here for about three hours.  
I secretly like it when the electricity goes off.  
It gets so quiet.  
And I imagine how family life must have been a hundred years ago.  
Everyone in the same room ... talking.  
Guitar and piano duets.  
Reading outloud.  
Schedule and to-do lists completely disregarded.
Sometimes no technology can be a blessing.

But we were happy to have the lights come back on.  
I couldn't think what I was going to make for dinner without electricity.  
And then we also had Family Surfing Night on the calendar ... 

and we definitely need electricity for that!  

Abbie's name has been on the fridge trophy for weeks.  
And then more weeks,
 and then more weeks again because she kept winning

Will she make another Family Surfing Night sweep?  

Is it ...
 for her ... AGAIN???

This week's entry from Melissa ... an interview with a one year old.  
The part about Thursdays just makes me laugh.  
The little guy is so sincere.  
And the Dad is so serious.  

From Abbie ... Kung Fu Nun-Chucks in the Food Lion parking Lot.  
The narration makes it hysterical.

From Aaron ... Minecraft Lag.  
If you only knew how much Aaron loves Minecraft, you would understand.  
Which LtDan said he almost did, for the first time, with this video.

LtDan chose this video of a flashmob in Heathrow airport.
Some of the responses are hilarious.
What would you do if people swirled you into a flashmob?

Ben's entry was a last minute pick from VSauce.  Are you familiar with VSauce?  
Me neither, except that my kids say they've learned a lot from him.  
Cool and funny educational videos on YouTube. Who knew?  
This one is about mythical monsters.

And Nathan, who usually has so many kooky videos queued up that he can't choose, 
also submitted a last minute pick.  
Just between you and me, you'll be glad it's only 36 seconds.  

And the votes are in ... 

LtDan and the Heathrow Flashmob wins!

This video got my vote.  
When a three minute video makes you laugh and cry,
and reminds you that life is for sharing ...
that's a total win in my book.  

Shared joy is doubled joy ... let's double the joy for both of us - what are you most grateful for today? Click below to leave your comment. I'll go first :

  1. I love the flashmob!!! LOL When can we do one?

    1. ready set GO! what the world needs is more flashmobs :)