Sunday, August 19, 2012

Locks of Love

There was a time when I thought my girl Abbie's hair would never grow.  Once it got started though, we just let it grow ... and grow ... and grow.  

We went through pigtails ...

and headbands ...

and a hat phase ....

and bangs, growing out forever that were always in her face.  

But Abbie has been ready for a change for a while now.  I knew she wanted to cut her hair, but I was scared.  What if she didn't like it after it was cut?

She picked this style with encouragement from her brothers.     

(this is Yuna from the video game Final Fantasy X, if you're wondering :o) 

 I put it off as long as I could, and then Abbie got me.  She didn't just want to cut her hair off.
She wanted to donate her hair, to Locks of Love.  

Locks of Love is an organization that accepts hair donations and makes it into wigs 
for cancer and alopecia  patients.

How could I say no to that?  

Abbie researched what Locks of Love needed:  clean hair, at least 10 inches, gathered in a pony tail ... 

sent to their address in Florida ... 

secured in a ziploc bag, inside a padded envelope ...

After several last pictures of her beautiful long hair, we were off.

I took her to Ericka's Hair on the Square, where I've been getting my hair cut for about five years now. 

When I found Ericka, I really wanted to establish the habit of getting regular haircuts, but I hated going to the hair salon.  In fact, when I met Ericka, I told her I was most definitely not a salon girl.  But I've seen her every six to eight weeks since :o)   I love her salon because it's small, there's not a lot of drama, and the atmosphere is comfortable and fun.  And, of course, Ericka is exceptional at what she does!  

Abbie took a picture of the style she wanted after the length was cut off, 
and after studying it closely, Ericka got to work.  

Ericka put Abbie's hair in several pony tails so that after cutting them off, 
her hair wouldn't be too short wot work with.  

I knew I loved it right away.  

I think Abbie did, too.  

Iust like that, my little girl's long hair was gone ... but for a worthy and wonderful cause.   

 And in its place is a style that suits Abbie completely.  I'm so proud of her for knowing herself well enough to know what would look good ... and especially for making a charitable donation of her long locks.  It makes my heart swell with love every time I look at her!  

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